Untitled (Cosmic Evolution), Jan 2010

curated by Bengala

Archival pigment print mounted on Sintra
10 inch diameter
Edition of 50 + 10 A.P.


Notable Exhibitions


A Unicorn Basking in the Light of Three Glowing Suns, DeVos Art Museum, N. Michigan University, Marquette, MI

Surfing Club, Espace Multimedia Gantner, Bourogne, France

15 Xinle Lu, Shanghai, China

Permanent Trouble (Herbert Kopp Collection), KOG, Regensburg, Germany

Don’t Worry Be Happy, MAMA, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Miller-Urey Bong, Seventeen Gallery, London, UK


Ford/Aten, Galeria Stereo, Poznan, Poland
Speculations on Cosmic Culture, Montgomery, Berlin, Germany

Aids-3D, 3’s Company, New York, NY

Tower Tower, Bazaiou Tower, Naxos, Greece

Image Search, PPOW Gallery, New York, NY

The General: Younger Than Jesus, The New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, NY


Digital Awakening, K44, Athens, Greece


From The Blog:

The sparse spaces and forms that AIDS-3D use are coldly austere, often dark, and subliminally post-apocalyptic. Yet, the performers seem to be working with the electronics and media surrounding them, and not in competition. They explore and play with these buzzing toys, or employ them to examine means of communication.