Grayson Revoir
Fromage Banter, Jul 2012

curated by Mirabelle Marden

Archival Inkjet Print
27 x 41 inches
Edition of 50 + 10 APs



This print is a map / diagram of the failure to pirate software, specifically photoshop. The images are screenshots culled from comment chains on The Pirate Bay, a very popular torrent provider, and go-to site for access to free movies, applications, music, etc. The information in here begins at the very top with a search, then fractures into clusters of steps that, in a functioning diagram would route to a solution, but instead here leads to expressions of desperation, inability, and distraction via erotic advertisement. Using this specific form of design to portray a failure. A web of eagerness and illiteracy.

All set on top of a romantic sunset, the various voices show hope, anger, frustration, stubborness, and a sense of faux-sincerity. Instructions are given, then explored. Dead ends evolve, and fake identities are invented (pictures of people associated to their matched comment in the chain). Overall it leads… nowhere . It is a twenty first century rendition of The Garden of Earthly Delights.