Brian Leo
No Unify, Aug 2011

curated by Carlton DeWoody

Acrylic on canvas
8 x 6 inches
Edition of 50 unique works + 10 unique A.P.


DeWoody:   Sometimes receiving a great work of art can feel like a blessing and a burden, when you then feel obligated to frame it well.  So my first consideration when curating August for AMC was that i wanted the piece to be ‘hammer ready’.  In addition, I felt that each work should be original in some capacity.  Brian Leo was top on my list of artists, as I have been thinking a lot about his paintings this year.  Asked to write the forward of the catalogue of his solo show this spring, I have had a thoughtful discourse with him personally and professionally.  Due to the relationship we fostered, I felt sure that he was up for my assignment: “Paint the same painting 50 times”.  Of course, this was a futile task.  The outcome: 50 original paintings.

Leo:    The content of my work aims to meld the public and private spheres.  The school girls in the No Unify series have layered meaning.  On the surface they address some of societies’ deeply rooted inequalities.    Millions of children, particularly girls, are condemned to a life of missed opportunities.  An immediate family member of mine was denied the fundamental human right to an education due to being born in 1950 at the brink of a war-torn Korea. Upon closer inspection one can see that all of these school girls have distinct facial expressions. This creates a psychological tale between each pair… giving each painting a unique story.


Notable Exhibitions


Solo Exhibition, DUMBO Arts Center, Brooklyn, NY


Scope Art Far, Jon Shorr Gallery, Miami, FL


Inaugural Group Show, Leo Kasting Gallery, New York, NY


Disappoint the Youth, Jonathan Shprr Gallery, New York, NY

Ziggurship, Jonathan Shorr Gallery, New York, NY


The G. Parade, Capla Kesting Fine Art, Brooklyn, NY


Garage Pop Surrealism, Tribes Gallery, New York, NY

Murderers and Prophets, CBGB’s Gallery, New York, NY